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    Hackathon -1

    It's nearly time for the Krita hackathon. Michael Thaler will arrive in an hour or so. and tomorrow we'll welcome Thomas Zander and Casper Boemann. Unfortunately, Rob Buis was forced to change his plans: his boss needed him for a deadline. So there won't be much krita-karbon convergence work done; but no doubt I'll be able to meet him soonish, what with Rob living in Amsterdam and me working there.

    I just picked up the t-shirts from the copy shop, and very nice they are too:

    Thanks Nuno!

    The nice lady in the copyshop reacted very strangely when I told her the shirt was for an event where a couple of hackers were coming together "to create an image app, like photoshop you know". She nodded sagely and told me, "yes, of course". As if she actually knew about Krita... I must have been mistaken, of course -- we're very good (with some great news coming up for the next issue of This Month in SVN, keeping mum about that for now :-), but not famous or anything!

    In other news, when I plug my camera in my laptop, as of today, a camera icon appears on my desktop. Unfortunately, click it doesn't start Digikam yet -- but no doubt that's doable.

    And, in the cetero censo vein, baking custom widgets is not fun. I mean -- I've spent many hours on creating something decent for drag & droppable palettes using QDockWindow and QTabWidget, and I'm not done yet, and I've also spent entirely too many hours forcing Qt's QToolBar (or KDE's KToolBar, to be exact) into something that shows tools in two columns or two rows, depending on orientation, with sections between types of tools. Custom widgets: Just Say No. Stay with the toolkit, that's my motto!

    (Oh, and trying to install a working development system for KOffice on top of plain Debian is No Fun either.)